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Social Responsibility

Warm-hearted Action and Battle against "Epidemic"

       In mid-September 2021, Xiamen City was affected by the "Delta" Covid-19 virus. Changjiang electronics actively responded to the call for epidemic prevention and actively joined the volunteer service team to support the nucleic acid testing services of all employees in Xiamen City including on-site order maintenance, process guidelines, registration assistance, support nb computers for nucleic acid test etc. Contributing to the overall victory of Xiamen's fight against the epidemic.



        This epidemic situation had brought in huge storm. Resulted heavy-duty epidemic prevention personnel fighting the "epidemic" line, and the brave and resolute people of the whole city consciously prevent against the "epidemic" were required; On September 27, 2021, Changjiang Electronic e-volunteer team donated resources to the three community epidemic prevention points around to protect our safety and send autumn blessing to the healthy family.



Every step forward is our firm belief; each glittering glimmer condenses into the most brilliant light;
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