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Social Responsibility

Support Summer “Road Angels”

Watermelon is a summertime staple, and truly one of the most delicious fruits to enjoy. Unfortunately, the continuous rainfall recently has affected the sales of watermelons. Mr. Hong, a fruit grower in Xiang'an District has suffered from the loss "It's a pity that the watermelon will be rotten in the field if you don't pick it."

On 11 June 2021, Changjiang Electronics launched a special event to support farmers and agriculture. The event initiative was to purchase a “love melon” (watermelon) on the day of Dragon Boat Festival and 20% of the earnings will be donated to municipal sanitation workers. After the initiative was launched, all employees responded and rushed to order the watermelons. This has helped to solve the problem of unsalable watermelons of Mr. and Mrs. Hong.

While we were immersed in our dreamland, the sanitation workers are working hard to clean the streets and alleys. For a long time, they have been working under extreme weather conditions. In this summer, ChangJiang Electronics used its own way to deliver local watermelons to the municipal sanitation workers of Min'an Street, Maxiang Town, Xiang'an District.


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