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Social Responsibility

Cherish the memory of our revolutionary martyrs

                                                                                                                          --Memorial activities at martyrs' cemetery in 2021

      Under the organization of our party branch, a group of 13 members of our party and some employee representatives went to the Huo Yan Shan Martyrs Cemetery in Xiang'an District, Xiamen City on April 10, 2021 to carry out worship activities.

      In a solemn atmosphere, the representatives presented flower baskets to the revolutionary martyrs, then all the members bowed three times to the revolutionary martyrs, grieved during three minutes of silence, and one by one presented Huang Ju in front of the mausoleum.

                To visit the cemetery and remember the martyrs, we should not only carry forward the revolutionary deeds of the  martyrs,                        but  also inherit the excellent traditional spirit of our ancestors, to help our company's new journey of sustainable development.


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